You're interested in your very own, original fine art piece to celebrate someone special. Beautiful, let's get started. 

  1. First we meet or discuss on the phone what you are looking for in a painting. We discuss who it is for, your intentions for the painting, budget, timeline, and size. Essentially, we find out if I can provide you with what you need. If so, then a deposit is paid and we sign an agreement of expectations.
  2. Once we establish the basics, I like to know more about the recipient  and why she is being celebrated. 
  3. I then get to work on the painting.creating layers and layers to build to the final piece. I never have any idea of what a final piece will look like when I start out. I take pictures after each layer  to document the evolution of the painting. 
  4. Once the painting is complete I seal it with a UV/dust protectant, create a Certificate of Authenticity, and prepare an Artist's Diary with images of the various layers and my thoughts and inspiration during the evolution of the painting.
  5. An image of the painting is emailed to the client for final payment.
  6.  Then it's ready for delivery to the client. The final package includes:
  • the professionally wrapped fine art painting
  • a Certificate of Authenticity
  • an Artist's Diary book
  • more gratitude than you can imagine.

Commissioned paintings may elicit weeping, warming of the heart, and a general sense of gratitude beyond words. Click here to request your consultation today.