About Gratitude & Imagination

Gratitude and Imagination is about celebrating the greatness of women through fine art. I want to remind women of their spectacular brilliance and to thank them for keeping the world afloat, one nurturing, hardworking moment at a time.  

I don't think women get enough credit, from others and themselves, for all the amazing magic that they pull off everyday. Living everyday in your beautiful crazy messy life. So, I'm celebrating and having a big ol' website party for you, your Mom, sister, wife, precious daughter, teacher, friend….there are more; many more. You know them. Kudos to all of them and you from the bottom of my heart. You are more important and touch more lives than you can ever imagine. 

So, throughout this site you'll find a variety of content that all celebrates women: fine art that symbolizes the greatness of women in a variety of ways. There are blog posts that will hopefully inspire, educate and entertain. There is a shop where you can take the greatness reminders home in forms like fine art, silk scarves and pencil cases.  And most importantly, I offer commissioned paintings to honour the woman you want to celebrate; nothing makes a better gift than showing her how much you love her through a one-of-kind painting that speaks right from the heart. 

What Gratitude & Imagination is not:

  • Don't come here looking for advice on how to be the next (fill in the blank). This website has no expectations for you to change, or to strive for perfection in any facet of your life. It's just one giant high-five and thank you for being you, perfect just as you are.
  • No competition here! Drop your Pinterest guilt at the door and any other feelings of inadequacy. The only way for us to get ahead is to stop competing and fighting each other and start putting a hand out and working together. There is enough room in this world for all of us to prosper and succeed. 
  • This website is not anti-men! Men are very important in my life, especially my husband, sons, Dad, six nephews and numerous other friends and family. Men are a vital part of this world and by celebrating women I am in no way inferring that men are any less important. But this site is about women.

So, to the tireless women who make miracles everyday (creating human beings, teaching, building businesses, contributing bravely, loving, supporting, nurturing, and generally making the world a better place) I thank you and create fine art in your honour. xo

                               In gratitude,