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The heart of Gratitude & Imagination is to celebrate the greatness of women. It's a potpourri of fine art, entertainment, education, and celebration. It's about acknowledging the amazingness that already exists in every one of us. To read more about about this wildly creative and compassionate business, click the button.

Jennifer Van de Vooren is the artist and worker bee at Gratitude & Imagination. I am an acrylic abstract artist and sharer of heartwork. I try to live everyday with appreciation and creativity and not take life or myself, too seriously.  I share my life with my superstar husband, Craig and my two little boys (that I affectionately call "the turkeys"). Becoming a Mom rocked my world; if you want the soul-stirring details click the button.

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INSEPARABLE                          Commission for anniversary gift

INSEPARABLE                          Commission for anniversary gift

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